Are you uncomfortable, tight or stressed?
The Alexander Technique can help.

Are you uncomfortable, tight or stressed?
The Alexander Technique can help.

Melissa Brown Alexander Technique NYC

Introducing Melissa Brown

Initially I was interested in Alexander Technique to become a better dancer. I achieved that goal! I became more coordinated and flexible; my posture improved tremendously; and I moved with more ease and freedom.

However, I soon discovered that the practice went far deeper than just being able to dance better.
I felt better! I was more centered both physically and emotionally. As a Type-A personality, this was life-changing.

Now, I love helping people use Alexander Technique to move better, address pain, improve posture, and reduce stress. I also work with actors and am continually amazed at how they become more present in performance as they develop the skills they need to undo tension and find poise.

I teach private lessons, group classes and workshops both in-person and online.


I look forward to sharing this wonderful work with you.

Alexander Technique NYC

Alexander Technique Group Classes for Actors

Saturdays 11:00-12:30pm

"Be Present in Performance" is a 4-part series for actors to explore centering activities for being present and grounded on stage.

Online and In-Person 
Class-Manhattan JCC

Wednesdays 6:15-7:30pm ET

An Alexander Technique group class. Explore ease in movement, improved posture and stress reduction for overall health and well-being.

Private Sessions Alexander Technique NYC

45 minutes of focused attention.

The Alexander Technique is wonderful for healing, posture, mobility, and stress reduction. It also improves performance for actors.

The Benefits of Alexander Technique

Improve posture and mobility, address pain and reduce stress.

What distinguishes Alexander Technique from other modalities is that it is a mind/body practice so in addition to achieving relief from physical problems and discomfort, people experience an overall sense of well-being. They report that they not only feel better in their bodies, but as they release tension and center themselves, they also feel calmer and easier.

Unique Benefits for Actors

Overcome performance anxiety, be grounded and present on stage.

Make your performances compelling and authentic. Discover how to release tension, stop overthinking and be present-in-the-moment.

Enhance your body awareness.

Do you bring your own poor postural habits to your characters without knowing it? Alexander technique will help you increase your body awareness and improve your posture so that won't happen. In fact, you will be able to find a healthy, neutral alignment –a blank canvas for creating your characters specific physicality.

Is Alexander Technique right for you?

Book a consult today!

Free 20 Minute Consultation
by Phone or on Zoom
Monday - Friday

Lets connect to answer your questions, discover how Alexander Technique can address your needs, and see if we are a good fit!

"Melissa is one of the sweetest and gentlest people I have met.
Her personality allows for a 'no pressure' approach to lessons.
She creates an environment in which students can truly enter at ease and walk away feeling more aware of and connected to their bodies."

- Emilia Aiello, Dancer

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