Alexander Technique for Back Pain from Sitting

First question: How are you sitting? We sit a good deal of the time during the day. And most of us slump – at least part of the time. That position compresses the spine and the back muscles and leads to stiffness, strain and pain. When we try to sit up straight we tend to … Read more

Breathe for Ease

Stop Holding your Breath: So often when we are stressed, we hold our breath or take shallow breaths. When you notice that you are doing this, you may immediately inhale. Though this is commonly done, it can be harmful to take a breath in this way. This kind of inhaling often involves gulping in air … Read more

Address jaw pain by paying attention


Many of us experience jaw tension. We wake up with an aching jaw or feel sore when we speak or eat. Usually, if we have jaw pain, we are clenching our jaw in times of stress – even if we don’t notice it. My suggestion is that whenever you are anxious or tense, you check … Read more

Why Constructive Rest is so useful


What is Constructive Rest and why is it useful For Constructive Rest, all you need is a floor (a rug or yoga mat are fine if you need the cushioning) and a few books to place under your head. Check out my recording above where I lead you through the practice. In the Alexander Technique, … Read more

Responding instead of just reacting

Subway Train

One of the greatest lessons that I have learned through my study of the Alexander Technique is to pause before reacting so I have a chance to choose how I might want to respond. I remember that when the subway was approaching, I used to have trouble finding my metro card in time to make … Read more

What is the Alexander Technique?


It is neither about stiffening into “good” posture or relaxing into collapse In this blog post, as the world is opening back up, I want to return to the basics and revisit the question that people so often ask me: What is the Alexander Technique? Some think I teach “good” (usually stiff) posture. Thank goodness, that … Read more

Constructive Rest audio file

This free audio-file will help you release unnecessary tension. In the recording, I guide you through a procedure called Constructive Rest with a series of cues to allow you to release tension throughout the body and find more ease and freedom.