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Alexander Technique for actors NYC
Alexander Technique for actors NYC
Alexnder Technique Classes NYC

I am a nationally certified Alexander Teacher. I love working with actors and have been giving workshops in acting schools and at college acting programs over the past several years. I also teach weekly classes and private lessons to actors and other performers in my own studio - both online and in person. In addition, I was invited to assist with hands-on work in weekly classes for undergraduate actors at two universities – NYU Tisch School for the Arts and Fordham University – where I taught for four years.

Before teaching the Alexander Technique, I was a civil rights lawyer. When I was on trial, I encountered some of the same issues that actors experience in performance, but once I found the Technique, I had the tools that I needed to deal with them. Knowing how helpful this work has been for me under pressure in court and in life in general, I feel especially invested in sharing it with actors.

Melissa Brown - Alexander Technique for Actors

Melissa Brown, M.AmSAT, - Alexander Technique Teacher

As Actors, you so often have to deal with nerves. I hear you worrying about “being in your head” - judging yourselves and concerned about how you are coming across. Sometimes you feel disconnected from your bodies. The Alexander Technique can help.

In these private one-on-one lessons, we will look at the various ways that you hold tension and I will teach you how to address them specifically. You will also learn ways to find a better and more natural organization of your body.

Most importantly, you will see how these skills allow you to stay grounded and present during auditions, rehearsals and performances. You will also increase your body awareness so that you can find an easy neutral posture from which to create a character’s specific physicality.

"Studying the Alexander Technique with Melissa has helped me navigate ways to shift my body with a simple thought—not my typical routine of berating myself into 'getting it right.'

And this ease allows me to be fully present in each moment of the play, to be grounded in my body and fully in my voice. Emotions—even tears when the role requires them!—flow more easily. Plus, when I am playing a role that is especially taxing physically or vocally I have the tools to take care of myself so that I can perform eight times a week without fatigue or damage."

— Carolyn Hewitt, Broadway Actor

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