Alexander Technique Lessons NYC

Are you experiencing?

  • Tension and/or anxiety,
  • Poor posture,
  • Back, neck and/or shoulder pain,
  • Arthritic changes,
  • Fear of falling and injuring yourself,
  • Limitations on mobility, including balance issues,
  • Other physical challenges?

Or, as an actor...

  • Performance anxiety,
  • Lack of body awareness,
  • Mobility issues,
  • Vocal strain?

You have come to the right place!

Introducing Alexander Technique

In the late 1800s, and early 1900s Frederick Matthias Alexander found a unique way to re-pattern the body and find a coordinated relationship between the head, neck, back and limbs.

This new alignment encourages the spine to come to its full length and creates balanced tonus throughout the body, improving posture and allowing the practitioner to move with more freedom and ease.

He called it the Alexander Technique.

Use Alexander Technique for...

Bad posture - Realigning the spine will improve your posture.

Pain - Releasing excess tension in muscles and joints will lessen discomfort.

Mobility problems - Finding a balanced tonus throughout the body will help you move with more ease and freedom.

Balance issues - Aligning your head, neck and spine will create better stability.

Stress and tension - If you are overly reactive to challenges (big or small), you will learn how to identify and undo your tension patterns and become more grounded and centered. Students report that this creates a sense well-being, and that their stress levels are significantly reduced.

Actors - Release tension, improve body awareness, avoid vocal strain, and be grounded and present on stage.

What is an Alexander Technique lesson like?

Students come to Alexander Technique lessons in comfortable clothes. We begin by checking in to see if you have questions or areas of concern. I then observe you and place my hands on your head, neck, torso, arms and legs to help me gather information about how you are using your musculoskeletal system.

Body Alignment Therapy NYC
Alexander Technique Class NYC
Alexander Technique Body Alignment Therapy NYC

Once we identify habitual patterns of tension that pull you out of alignment, I will teach you how to undo them. However, the practice does not end there. We are not only looking for a simple release of the body; we do not want to collapse. We are looking to be both easy and poised at the same time. This is the aspect of Alexander Technique that is unique and different from other modalities that encourage only relaxation.

Contact me for lessons

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Alexander Technique for Actors

The Alexander Technique has been recognized as a valuable resource for actors and performing artists and is part of the curriculum at conservatories in leading institutions, such as the Julliard School and the Yale School of Drama.

If you are an actor, I can provide you with reliable tools to deal with performance anxiety. You will learn to release tension and be more grounded and present on stage.

Actors also develop heightened body awareness so that they can find an easy neutral posture from which to create a given character’s specific physicality. In other words, you can learn to stop bringing your unconscious habits to a role without even knowing it!

If you are dealing with vocal strain, you will learn easier, more natural ways of breathing and speaking, which will allow for a better supported, flexible vocal instrument.


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