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Responding instead of just reacting

One of the greatest lessons that I have learned through my study of the Alexander Technique is to pause before reacting so I have a chance to choose how I might want to respond.

I remember that when the subway was approaching, I used to have trouble finding my metro card in time to make it on. Seeing the train often caused me to startle and it would be difficult for me to successfully sort through the contents of my bag. Now, I seem to automatically pause, release some tension and find my bearings. Actually, before the pandemic hit – when I was taking the subways all the time – I almost always made the train without incident. Quite a feat for me!
When faced with stressful situations, we tend to be reactive, instead of taking a moment and choosing how we might best respond. We tighten our necks and shoulders and tense our backs. We even hold our breath. If you experience this kind of stress – whether you’re coping with pain, performing on stage or just dealing with everyday life, like trying to get on the subway – the Alexander Technique can really help you. You will learn to become aware of your tension patterns and find ways to calm and ground yourself.

If you would like to see how, you can download my free audio-file on Constructive Rest above– where I lead you through a 12-minute practice that will introduce to some common tension patterns and ways to undo them.

Also, I am currently offering free 15-minute consultations by phone or zoom so feel free to contact me.

I finally learned how to find my metro-card  in time to make the subway
I finally learned how to find my metro-card in time to make the subway.

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