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How the Alexander Technique has helped me -and can help you- deal with stress

Have you ever felt like you are in a cycle of reactivity and stress with no way to deal with it? That’s how I felt a lot of the time before I found the Alexander Technique. As a classic Type A personality, life was always about working hard, pushing myself and trying “to get it right.” It was pretty exhausting. I remember when I tried my first misdemeanor case at Legal Aid, my supervisors joked that it seemed like I was preparing to appear before the U.S. Supreme Court!

When I began studying the Alexander technique, I had no idea that my lessons would help center and ground me. Though the Technique is a mind/body practice, I didn’t know what that meant. I thought that the practice would help me change my body so that I could move with more freedom and ease and enjoy my dance classes more. That did happen; however, it turned out that a big part of my connection with the Alexander Technique involved my “mind” as well as my body. The Technique has given me concrete tools to be mindful – to pause and release excess tension so I can choose to respond instead of simply react to the events in my life.  It has also helped me be easier and stop pushing myself so hard.

 If stress is making you feel like you have no choices, I would love to share these tools with you. Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation, for lessons or to join one of my group classes. I look forward to hearing from you.

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